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Blade 2 (2002, dir: Guillermo del Toro; cast: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman, Leonor Varela)





Instead of rehashing the plot, I'll just stick to some points in Blade 2 that made no sense.

1. Blade's vampire allies are upset to learn that Blade plans to use UV light weapons against the Reapers (a kind of super-vampire), because UV is also harmful to Vampires. So these Vampires are wary of handling UV weapons.

BUT ... these same Vampires are heavily loaded with body armor. In fact, early in the film, they infiltrate Blade's lair while dressed in full body armor, all covered from head to toe.

So, why can't they use that same body armor when handling UV weapons?

I guess because they're really stupid Vampires, in that they only wear full body armor when they don't need it. Later, when they go out with their UV weapons, they foolishly don't wear body armor, and naturally, many of them die.

2. It's established that only UV light will kill Reapers, unless you can perform a very difficult sword trust to the heart. So naturally, even during the final battle, all the stupid Vampires, and even Blade, fight the head Reaper without UV light weapons, shooting countless useless bullets at the Reaper even though they already know that bullets have no effect.


* How come there are no female Reapers? You become a Reaper by being bitten by one. Now, Vampires have traditionally preferred biting women (and Reapers are a kind of super-vampire), yet there are no female Reapers. So, are all Reapers gay?

For that matter, there are very few female Vampires. Only two among dozens and dozens of male Vampires. What gives?

Come to think of it, in Underworld, there were no female werewolves. How come all these supernatural societies have so few females? And is that why they're always after our women?

* The entire cast is one-dimensional, most of all Wesley Snipes as Blade. Leanor Varela makes for a bland female lead in Blade 2, but was quite good in The Tailor of Panama as a scarred former freedom fighter. Ron Perelman was better in Alien Resurrection, showing more dimension despite playing a similar jaded tough-guy. So it's not like these actors can't do better.


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