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Ghost Team  (2016, dir: Oliver Irving; writer: Peter Warren; cast: Jon Heder, David Krumholtz, Justin Long, Melonie Diaz, Amy Sedaris, Paul W. Downs, Tom Schiller)






Ghost hunter horror movies have been a subgenre for at least a decade. The Feed is an early example.

Ghost Team sort of falls into that subgenre, but not quite. It's not really a horror film, though there are some spooky moments. Ghost Team is a mashup of three genres: horror, comedy, and quirky indie film.

Ghost Team has that quirky indie film feeling. It's about a group of lonely nobodies, who find meaning and human connection via a ridiculous ghost hunt. The film lays the theme on pretty thick. At a key turning point, Melonie Diaz blurts out, "Just because we lead small lives doesn't mean that we're small people!"

The line feels out of place. It's as if this silly little film suddenly wants to inject a profound message.

The ending is disappointing. What the Ghost Team discovers shifts this film into Scooby-Doo territory, mashing in yet another subgenre. I would have preferred more scares, more horror. Hardcore horror fans will be disappointed.

Ghost Team is a gentle, quirky film. Occasional smiles, but no laughs. Occasional spooky moments, but no scares. A pleasant excursion with some nice folks. Although it wasn't a great comedy or horror film, I enjoyed it for what it was.



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