June Cabin

Film review by Thomas M. Sipos




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June Cabin (2007, dir: Ross Otterman; script: Ross Otterman, Liz Federowicz, cast: Sonia Segal, Alex James, Liz Federowicz, Alex Douglas, Darren Robertson, Nicolas Pavlos, Nina Kaczorowski)





June Cabin is marketed as a horror film. It has a ghostly poster. Its back cover speaks of a young man lurking in the woods ... with an AX!

But it's not a horror film. It's about seven young people who spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. They drink, smoke dope, have sex with each other. They gossip about who's sleeping with whom, or cheating on whom, etc.

This angers some of them. Will someone use that AX?

Because June Cabin is marketed as horror, you expect someone to start a killing spree. Hell, you even look forward to it. Instead, there are only occasional insert shots of an angry young man chopping with an ax -- but that's about it, until...

Finally, at 1 hour and 15 minutes into the film -- five minutes before the End Credits roll -- someone kills someone.

I don't think the filmmaker intended a horror film. The "special features" include trailers for three other films, all artsy indie films.

I think the filmmaker intended June Cabin to be a study of young people. But it doesn't work on that level. These young people are supposed to be in their late 20s (one says he's 27). They claim to be a law student, tax consultant, floor trader, etc., yet they behave like dumb teens in a slasher film.

Some of them look like they could be slasher film teens, because many slasher films cast twentysomething actors to play teens.

So you have dumb, teen-like people in the woods, drinking and doping and sleeping around, and then at the end, someone gets killed. I guess the distributor looked at it and said, Well, it's too crappy to sell as an indie film. I guess we can trick some DVD buyers into thinking this is a horror film.


This film is full of flashbacks, flash-forwards, fantasy/dream-flashes, and conversations about things that happened in the past, so one is thoroughly confused as to when this or that scene is happening.

Some of the cinematography is nice, in an artsy-fartsy way. But this is a pointless film. Doesn't work as horror, nor as suspense, nor as indie art film.

The script is bland, the characters interchangeable in a "teen slasher" sort of way. How do such mindless scripts find financing? Who shells out money to produce such crap?



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